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Annie Leibowitz Reveals The Year’s End Vogue Cover Celebs

I was thrilled to have been invited to the opening night of Annie Leibowitz’s hand-picked selection of photos at Columbus’ Wexner Center For The Arts.

I was even MORE thrilled to walk in the center, and have a friend tell me Leibowitz was in the far north gallery, signing autographs and entertaining questions. So I ran and had to ask her something. In this video, Annie responds by telling me who she just shot for Vogue’s end of the year covers. A secret more commonly revealed by interns, PR assistants and designers, always ready  to dish to whom they overnighted look #15.

The show was great too. Among the 156 photos on display  include a portrait of a bathwater dipped Angelina Jolie hung next to a circa ’93 photo of Brad Pitt, sprawled across a Motel bed. However, for fans of her work that started well beyond the 90’s, the show is no short Leibowitz’s pics that propelled her stardom. Iconic shots of John & Yoko, The Stones on tour and Nixon’s helicopter escorting him off the White House lawn for the last time in ’74 are all on view, however topic remained in fashion.


HEAVY METAL: Waking up metallic melodies at the Commons

I recently moved an apartment, located 1 block away from the music venue, communal commons park and sometimes public place of worshiping, of Columbus, Ohio. During my slumber-filled weekends, I’ve awakened to the sounds of guitar riffs, gospel music, Lynard Skynard, and the Columbus symphony orchestra. So today, I assumed the master mc’s 100 decibel microphone was broadcasting bible quotes or bingo numbers, when I rose to his voice stating “33, 21” or things like “You can do it Matthew”.

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However, upon visiting the park- I discover that a much different religious experience is actually taking place.

The 3rd annual CrossFit Competion taking place today at the Columbus Commons hosts a challenging circuit of events, for men and women. Dedicated ultimate fitness believers and contestants from all over Ohio, are lifting their way through a spiritual prowess. Tattooed black winged musclemen lifting barbells, jump roping and running big rig tires across finish lines are seemingly possessed by a get fit, sweat soaked spiritual presence.

Both men and women compete for the Columbus titles, sponsored by Fit Club
15 West Cherry Street, 2nd Floor

GRAPHIC DETAILS: The Impossibly Original Hatch Show Print

Headlines are usually the result of sensational acts or need-to-know news, however creating them is an entirely different story. This I pondered as I toured Nashville’s Hatch Show Print.

Live music is to Nashville as slot machines are to Las Vegas. Honky Tonk is humored at the airport and guitar adorned story tellers appear in boutiques, ice cream shops and street corners. Long story short there is and always has been a show going on in Nashville and Hatch Show Print is the in the business to let you know exactly where.

Known for its catchy color schemes, taglines and bold graphic composition, Hatch Show Print was founded in 1879 and has been rolling its letter presses over parchment ever since. It has contributed to the definitions of modern graphic design and rule-book composition, having been making posters for country music acts, county fairs and must-see events all over the country for more than 130 years.

watch the video here

This summer, the print shop headlines the Smithsonian’s traveling exhibit, American Press: The Art Of Hatch Show Print.


Ms. Heather Allison Sparks

My Best Friend: Ms. Heather Allison Sparks.

If I had to describe Heather Sparks in 5 words or less, they would be:

Heather has a wall of shoes.

If you were to judge by this phrase alone, you might imagine Heather to own many shoes because she loves a fashion. Although true,  (I don’t know who owns more wedges, Heather or the Bedford cheese shop) its literal intent explains that Heather needs many different shoes to walk her  many paths of passion.

She is one of the most versatile people I know that can do, act, say, wear, make or be anything. Heather has been studying French twice a week, on and off, for the past 2 years, and recently she’s enrolled in classes to actually speak the language. (She’s spending most of May in Paris, for the a physical exam). Whether it’s taking Hoola Hoop lessons in the east village for 2 hours each week, performing stand up comedy on a Sunday afternoon or writing  pharmaceutical campaign launch materials, Heather Sparks wears a lot of shoes.

Heather has been studying French twice a week, on and off, for the past 2 years, and recently she’s enrolled in classes to actually speak the language.

She also happens to live true the stylish stiletto strutting woman you initially imagined. In fact, her  Fall 2011 wardrobe was inspired by “the bad Sandra D in Greece”, which required wearing high waisted disco pants, rolled sleeve wovens tied at the waist and a black

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Get To Know Me

I am employed at Bath & Body Works Direct, a brand conceived by Victoria Secret creator, philanthropist and retail pioneer, Les Wexner at the Limited Brands in Columbus, Ohio. Recently, the marketing team had me fill out a “Get To Know Me” form. Here is how I am defined in their terms:

Favorite Word: Pipistrelli

Name & Title

Michelle Pizzurro, Copywriter BBWD




March 31st

I’ve been at BBW since…

April 2

3 words that best describe me

Energetic, Passionate, Stylish

Word I Love

Pipistrelli (The word for ‘Bat’ in Italian as well as the name of a super yummy restaurant in Florence)

Word I Hate


If I were a BBW fragrance, I would be called…

Balcony Bouquets A Signature Collection view of Fragrance from above, featuring Venetian Terrace, Rooftop Garden, Country Porch and Island Lanai

Favorite being Venetian Terrace: A playful carnival of sweet gardenia, ocean rain and black leather.

Biggest Pet Peeve

A Bad Attitude

If I’m in a bad mood, the only thing that cheers me up is……particularly this video about baby sloths:

Signature Starbucks Drink

Grande skim mocha with ½ the pumps of chocolate w/whip (Ya… I’m one of those)

Lunch Spot I Love

Aurora, Broome Street

Lunch Spot I Hate

My Desk

Favorite Dessert

Crème Brulee

My Personal Theme Song

Happy Birthday

The actor who would play me in the movie of my life is…

Marissa Tomei

Favorite Color


Favorite Book

Wind Up Bird Chronicles

Favorite Magazine


Favorite TV Show

Absolutely Fabulous

Favorite Movie

The Reader, The Lover, Stepbrothers

(I got range)

Favorite Band

Stones, The Kills, Neil Young,

If I were an animal I would be…

A Horse

Favorite Spot in Columbus


Hidden Talent