Why Are National Italian Sport Team Uniforms Blue?

Gli Azzurri

Blue is worn by Italian soccer players, Olympiads and represents over 6 centuries of tradition.

A moment in time, 1960 Olympics in Rome.

Although our 50 American states have been snuggling under the same constitution since 1776, Italy’s 20 regions didn’t unify until 1861. Ironically, Garibaldi, the Northern general who is credited to have unified all regions, won his final battles in Sicily weeks before the first shots of the American Civil war at Fort Sumter. Continue reading


Forza Armani

Olympically Fit

Umm... this guy is 77

In the world of fashion, competition is nothing new. Showing collections 2 times a year + 2 pre season presentations, designers fight for buyer budgets, mag covers and global retail space. It would be defying the   laws of fashion physics if this competition did not rise to political levels.

In fact, I believe Condé Nast editors and Milan fashion week organizers just settled a dispute regarding overlapping NY & Milan  schedules come this September, a possibility that would have compromised the already chaotic travel schedules of editor, model, buyer attendees and not to mention the “off broadway” economy that continues to extract  business  from the weeks’ enrichment of the local economies via after parties, retail celebrations and fringe transactions of fashion and textile trade.  Continue reading

Hoot Overload!

Tweet This:  Fashion Flips The Bird

Animals take their turn on the runway almost as often as Creative Directors (I can’t keep up! Sander in; Simmons out…Pilati out; Selmane in… and Lam leaves Tod’s!).

This Fall, the who’s hoo of fashion have a new furry friend, or should I say flocked to a new feather and paraded a new mascot down the runways. Owls take place of last season’s Givenchy’s rottweilers and black panther adorned bags, blouses and smocks.

At Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, a collection in which every look composed of an avion flux,  graphic prints , a bold trifecta of primary colors: yellow, cobalt and red. Touching on a 70’s macramet meets macaroni mosaic style execution, Burberry and Anna Sui featured owls beaded on tees, knitted in sweaters and shaped as hats.

A beaked & beaded tee @ Burberry Prorsum.


Tribal chic shift dress by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac dances on the intersection at Sesame Street and Nairobi desert.


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Ring Ring! New Items From NTO!

New Items From My NTO Design Collection!

A ringed, ring! Hand hammered sterling silver ring now available for $52!

Ear rings, $50.

Devereaux Sterling Silver Convertible Handlet, $150.

Ring link, $45.

What’s Olfactory Is New Again!

A New Perfume Transports Me To The Early ’90s


Kate Moss on cover of Harper's Bazaar December 1992.


La Parfum: White flowers, cedar woods and a drop of honey with notes of orange blossom, jasmine, patchouli and rose.

Elie Saab’s signature perfume, Le Parfum, reminds me of standing in the basement newstand at  Lazarus, where I would go to drool over winter editions of Vogue, Harper’s Bazzar, Elle and a then oddly formatted W.

The original Joop! women's fragrance, who's balmy woodland mist inspires me to reflect back on a the Clinton years, swim practice and shopping with my mother.

Specifically the powder spiced scent brings me back between the pages of December ’92 Harper’s  Bazaar, a Kate Moss clad Christmas cover. The issue contained a pull out sample of Joop! which is almost identical to spicy and strong fragrance by Saab! From mid November, when I bought the issue until at least February, the glossy accompanied me to study halls off campus lunches, sleepovers and swim practices, and eventually saturated its scent into every stitch of clothing and book bag pocket.

Le Parfum takes me back to those formative years when the only item you could get Fendi in Columbus was perfume. I thought NY was a magical place, almost fantastical as fashion labels came to me only in print, syndication, like MTV’s house of style and Jeanne Beker  Fashion Television on VH1.

My mother and I would stalk Donna Karan knitwear until it cleared 75% off. One sweater I still have is a DKNY cable knit cardigan bought at a bargain $75, but at the time,  was a serious splurge.

Strange how our nose can travel in time, where fashion seeks to redefine it.

Santa Claus: Interesting Facts I Learned From A Date: Part 1

                                           You Can Steel A Porsche With A Tennis Ball

Claus (pronounced Kl-owess) was a Danish fashion photographer 1st assistant and lived in that weird traingle building across from 5 Leaves at Manhatten and Bedford avenues in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. He  was a very wiry, unique little fellow who could talk to anyone about anything. I had originally met him at Passer By in Chelsea about 4 years ago. I remember when I asked where his accent originated as we stood outside smoking a cigarette, Claus told me that dogs weren’t the only Great Danes to come out of Denmark. Having a weakness for perverted humour, plucky with and Vodka Sodas, I agreed to a date.

I learned many interesting facts from Claus, who yes managed to reference his lap to Santa Claus’ during those warm summer months.

Back in Copenhagen, Claus had been an amateur car thief.  Having grown up in the city,  he had connections to which he could sell off his inventory. Countless Lamborghinis, Porches, BMWs and Mercedes all had fell victim to the Great Dane in the early 90’s.

His three tools:  A small allen wrench, a thin sharp shank and a tennis ball.

He would drill a large hole in the tennis ball, walk up to a car, lean his back against the driver door and cover the lock with the hole of the tennis ball. Then he would punch the tennis ball creating an air vacuum, sucking an incredible flow of air through the key hole and unlocking the door, overcoming the car’s alarm.  Once inside, Claus would start the engine by wedging the shank and allen wrench into the ignition.

Things didn’t work out with me and Claus as Great Danes aren’t the only dogs to come out of Denmark.

Click here for a demonstration!

The Flawless Get Tough: 2012 Inspiration


Karlie Kloss is already a top model with ad contracts at Christian Dior, Donna Karan, Oscar Della Renta and countless wordwide luxury taste makers. Although her second cover with Italian Vogue and having worked numerous times with Meisel, the December 2011 issue is truly a moment in model history. Here, Karlie breaks out from being The New Girl and transforms into being The Body. The photos hero a healthy, fit, lean, extra long and flawless body. And NO she’s not anorexic, I have met Karlie and know her crowd. It’s times like this that skeptics should remember: 1% of the U.S. population is anorexic; 33.9% of adults over 20 years ore obese. READ MORE FACTS HERE.

The 13 page editorial spread reflects an incredible immortal energy and rivals that of Peter Beard+ Iman, Demarchelier + Christie Brinkley and Kate Moss + CK ads.  I believe this editorial will go down in the books (and blogs) and mark start of the new fashion era, likely to rise in 2012 and sparked by the world tough times. Get tough, go lean and stay chic! I’m buying a copy and keeping it in a box!