Annie Leibowitz Reveals The Year’s End Vogue Cover Celebs

I was thrilled to have been invited to the opening night of Annie Leibowitz’s hand-picked selection of photos at Columbus’ Wexner Center For The Arts.

I was even MORE thrilled to walk in the center, and have a friend tell me Leibowitz was in the far north gallery, signing autographs and entertaining questions. So I ran and had to ask her something. In this video, Annie responds by telling me who she just shot for Vogue’s end of the year covers. A secret more commonly revealed by interns, PR assistants and designers, always ready  to dish to whom they overnighted look #15.

The show was great too. Among the 156 photos on display  include a portrait of a bathwater dipped Angelina Jolie hung next to a circa ’93 photo of Brad Pitt, sprawled across a Motel bed. However, for fans of her work that started well beyond the 90’s, the show is no short Leibowitz’s pics that propelled her stardom. Iconic shots of John & Yoko, The Stones on tour and Nixon’s helicopter escorting him off the White House lawn for the last time in ’74 are all on view, however topic remained in fashion.




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  2. Phahahah! She cut that convo short real quick and turned her back to the interviewer. Sucks to be her at that moment!

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