HEAVY METAL: Waking up metallic melodies at the Commons

I recently moved an apartment, located 1 block away from the music venue, communal commons park and sometimes public place of worshiping, of Columbus, Ohio. During my slumber-filled weekends, I’ve awakened to the sounds of guitar riffs, gospel music, Lynard Skynard, and the Columbus symphony orchestra. So today, I assumed the master mc’s 100 decibel microphone was broadcasting bible quotes or bingo numbers, when I rose to his voice stating “33, 21” or things like “You can do it Matthew”.

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However, upon visiting the park- I discover that a much different religious experience is actually taking place.

The 3rd annual CrossFit Competion taking place today at the Columbus Commons hosts a challenging circuit of events, for men and women. Dedicated ultimate fitness believers and contestants from all over Ohio, are lifting their way through a spiritual prowess. Tattooed black winged musclemen lifting barbells, jump roping and running big rig tires across finish lines are seemingly possessed by a get fit, sweat soaked spiritual presence.

Both men and women compete for the Columbus titles, sponsored by Fit Club
15 West Cherry Street, 2nd Floor


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