GRAPHIC DETAILS: The Impossibly Original Hatch Show Print

Headlines are usually the result of sensational acts or need-to-know news, however creating them is an entirely different story. This I pondered as I toured Nashville’s Hatch Show Print.

Live music is to Nashville as slot machines are to Las Vegas. Honky Tonk is humored at the airport and guitar adorned story tellers appear in boutiques, ice cream shops and street corners. Long story short there is and always has been a show going on in Nashville and Hatch Show Print is the in the business to let you know exactly where.

Known for its catchy color schemes, taglines and bold graphic composition, Hatch Show Print was founded in 1879 and has been rolling its letter presses over parchment ever since. It has contributed to the definitions of modern graphic design and rule-book composition, having been making posters for country music acts, county fairs and must-see events all over the country for more than 130 years.

watch the video here

This summer, the print shop headlines the Smithsonian’s traveling exhibit, American Press: The Art Of Hatch Show Print.



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