INSTAGLAM: Antonio Lopez Illustrated

Way before Terry Richardson was taking photos of  girls  *%$#@ him on set and  back when American Apparel was something made in NY on 36th street, boobies and wee wees were being caught by Antonio Lopez’s “porn” and shoot style. The famed fashion illustrator’s untamed moments are bound with the release of Instaglam, a book revealing fashion stars behind the scenes.

Read and see more photos at Bustown Modern’s blog

Jerry Hall baring all in a 70’s shot by Lopez, one of several documented in Instamatic. And just think…I almost gave this book to my VP as a “forget me not” when I left my last job.

Fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez delivered hard bodied beauties to the canvas as if they had been drenched in latin libido, dropped from the talons of a tropical toucan and danced at an all night disco. Cobalt, luscious reds, fantastical fuchsias and violets, his heavy handed, technicolor-palette could only be upstaged by the figures that confined them, visually splashing throughout Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle throughout the 70’s and across advertisements for Missoni, Norma Kamali + Oscar De La Renta.

Without the brush, his painterly pizzazz is exposed in the new book of candid photos, Instamatics, revealing all the fantastical mayhem…..READ MORE HERE


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