Ch Ch Cha Gia!

Gia Carangi looking so much like Crystal Renn.

Francesco Scavullo was the top fashion photographer in 1979. He shot this, as well as many many iconic pics including all the covers for Cosmopolitan.

The notorious story of Gia tells the tragic effects of fast fame and lives to provide a cross sectional view of the early 80’s three vices: greed, drug addiction and AIDS.  At a time when fashion talent management was at its infancy and agents were just perfecting the lucrative art of disposable talent, there was little investment in a model’s long term career . The industry spit out talent faster than they printed the magazines for which they served.Gia’s look was considered “ethnic” Along with Dickenson, Iman and Brooke Shields, her look was a fresh relief from the blonde dominated pages of Cosmo + Vogue. Her look was positioned as new guard, replacing 70’s blonde beauties like Christie Brinkley and Cheryl Tiegs. The brunettes simply matched fashion’s rising stars’ aesthetics as Calvin Klein, Armani and Ralph Lauren introduced a new palette of browns, clays and greys.

Gia, fell to much darker times as her drug addiction struggle that certainly was enabled by the high times of fashion’s fast lane, that at that time had no speed limit.

Her story now serves as a guard rail to the troubled. To launch such a tragic soul to fame as quickly as did Gia’s, would be a reflection on the agent and agency.  A good agent invests in a girl’s longevity and paces her exposure, supports her health and keeps her looking and feeling light, no matter how dark her look is.


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