Aurora Ristorante

One of my fave spots for Italian (and the food is good too)

Il Polipo: Grilled Mediterranean octopus atop potato-celery salad available on Aurora Manhattan's lunch menu.

 To call home cooked meals merely an Italian tradition would be like referring to the iphone as a calculator. Real Italian cooking isn’t just noodles or meatballs- it’s a word: fresh.  I would bet that anyone in Italy would agree that dining out, is more often a disappointment than a pleasure. Having grown up with Italian grandmothers and mothers,  most Italians were raised savoring organic love and sweet care, served  to them in the form of food, impossible to duplicate.

Noodle dishes are probably the most replicated recipes in the world and for that reason,it is possible why Italians, and myself,  prepare them with a sense of individuality. How one prepares pasta arribiata can be more   definitive than a last name.  This individuality transcends into regionally and many drink wines and stock olive oil processed in their own community.

But when you live and work far away from home, there’s a restaurant in NY that has everything an Italian meal outside of the home should. Aurora Ristorante offers accommodating service, great food and the ability to stop time in it’s place- in short, a nice time and food served to you by an Italian staff that sinverely hopes you like it. All while knowing themselves it’s not as good as their mothers in Italy.

I particularly like the Brooklyn location in Williamsburg, but I had the pleasure of having lunch twice last week at the  Broome Street location.

The fresh factor counts as Aurora receives local ingredients from Satur Farms (beets) and the Hudson Valley (Foie gras).

I first had i Cavoletti which is roasted brussel sprout & cauliflower salad with melted cherry tomatoes & bottarga followed by one of the most creamy cappuccinos I’ve had since I was last in Italy. YUM!

I also was able to enjoy le rapette beets, oranges and strained horseradish yogurt with sunflower seeds and i popoli served with potatoes.

The perfect lunch is fresh + light.

PS. Aurora has great desert options, but I usually fill up on eye candy during the meal.

Aurora Ristorante Brooklyn has a great outdoor patio heated in the winter and open in roof in the summer.



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