The Flawless Get Tough: 2012 Inspiration


Karlie Kloss is already a top model with ad contracts at Christian Dior, Donna Karan, Oscar Della Renta and countless wordwide luxury taste makers. Although her second cover with Italian Vogue and having worked numerous times with Meisel, the December 2011 issue is truly a moment in model history. Here, Karlie breaks out from being The New Girl and transforms into being The Body. The photos hero a healthy, fit, lean, extra long and flawless body. And NO she’s not anorexic, I have met Karlie and know her crowd. It’s times like this that skeptics should remember: 1% of the U.S. population is anorexic; 33.9% of adults over 20 years ore obese. READ MORE FACTS HERE.

The 13 page editorial spread reflects an incredible immortal energy and rivals that of Peter Beard+ Iman, Demarchelier + Christie Brinkley and Kate Moss + CK ads.  I believe this editorial will go down in the books (and blogs) and mark start of the new fashion era, likely to rise in 2012 and sparked by the world tough times. Get tough, go lean and stay chic! I’m buying a copy and keeping it in a box!



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