Tigertree: My Weekend Routine

Tigertree is located on 787 N. High St., Columbus, OH.

Tigertree is a contemporary clothing, furniture and accessory boutique located in the Short North neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio. The owners’ aethetic is very Portland rustic meets thrift store cute with a large dose of wit and display craft!  I live about three blocks away from its doors, into which I routinely enter every Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. Tigertree always has something cute and unique to the area in stock. Here’s what I bought today!

Shop tigertree.com  here!

Zoo Keeper playing cards and rubber change purse.

If you liked the sound of wax paper crinkling, fireplaces crackling and the smell of a sharpie, you'll love the smooth texture of this rubber change purse. It has a pacifying effect on my synapses with every stroke. So I save my pennies just to touch it. I literally have bought 4 as gifts to people who feel the same way.

Cute vinyl playing cards have peek-a-boo window!

Tigetree: Welcome to the Dollhouse meets Moma gift shop. This is an editorial from a recent eblast. See how many colors those change purses come in? I am a powerless front to their strength in numbers...So cute!


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