The Four Fingers Of Death

What motivates me to read is not necessarily the arc of a great story. It’s not a book’s place on the New York Time’s best sellers list. Rather, an author’s ability to summarize a moment in life previously unaddressed in words keep my attention. A good story is just a vehicle to these moments I find most fulfilling.

The below samples is a diamond quote within a sci-fi novel about a team of astronauts’ journey to Mars and the unfortuitous discovery they transport back to Earth.  In it,  Steve is eased through the revelation that he is mistaken and bypasses embarrassment  by the warmth of a smile.

The Four Fingers Of Death: Rick Moody

         “Some people just have that smile, the one with many constituent hues. The rainbow coalition of smiles. Not only a smile because there’s no longer a problem, but also a smile because the person smiling somehow knows more about the situation than you do; it makes her happy not to require recognition of her kindness, because she actually cares about you and doesn’t care about her own glory; it’s a generous smile, a confident smile, a happy smile but also a smile with a gradient that indicates there’s not much left to smile about these days; we do the best we can. 


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