Hey, Pull My Finger

This May I traveled to vacation in Italy for my 9th time.  It was splendid.  There is so much to do and see in Italy.  From Middle ages to modern day, architecture stands from EVERY single year since the Romans. The Italians are extraordinary preservationists.

Since it is completly unwarranted to say that I am bored with Italy, I will write instead that it is time for me to see Paris or maybe, to take that drive from LA to SF along the highway 1.

But I am happy to say that I witnessed two amazing – once in a life time experiences in good old Italy.

Number one: The  beautiful fagiolotta and daughter of my soul sister, Federica Degli Innoccenti. (Now that’s a name!)  Daughter of Francesca and Stefano Degli Innocenti- Federica entertained me for 3 whole days in Prato.

The second: I sweet talked my way into viewing Galileo’s finger. His actual right middle finger in the Museum of Science in Florence. (which reopened recently as the Galileo Museum)   As Legend has it, Galileo flipped the bird to the pope that imprisoned him for teaching pupils that the Earth revolved around the sun in 1633. To kick off his house arrest sentence, guards cut off his middle finger. (however many Italians use their middle finger to point so I think he was just pointing to the sky) Upon his death, years later, groupie scientists and admirers of the astronomer unearthed Galileo to cut off other parts of his body as souveiners. Weird!

In May ’10,  the museum  was closed to the public however Architects and engineers were taking a smoke break when I walked up.  I politely asked if I could just run in and see Galileo’s finger and I was permitted! I am not exactly sure which I was looking at, the finger cut from Galileo while he was alive, or the left when he was in the ground. Regardless, it was interesting.

See the new museum here


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