Three EASY Pieces….$123 $45

The EASY BLANCHE 123 - Can be worn sexy or stylishly

1,2,Three EASY Pieces….

If you love the BLANCHE body chain and like styling options, the EASY BLANCHE is for you.

-Designed first as a midriff chain, the chameleon and convertible EASY BLANCH, consists of three parts

– Wear all 3 pieces together for a body – contouring harness or separately for a classic minimal look

Purchase all three for $123.00 or each piece separately for $45.00

-Attach your own charm to any part

– Wear the 1st piece as a choker

-Wear the navel chain as a lariat

– All in one classic style

See it:

#1 - you put the choker on...

#2 You put the T- chain through

#3-And the navel chain too


1+2+3...And there you have it......


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