I don’t know if you would, but Hollywood: Adventures in LA

I arrived in LA on Wednesday evening. My dear friend of over 12 years Eric Coovert carted me from LAX to a Volvo I would be driving for the duration of the three-day trip.  Wednesday AM – I had a fantastic interview in City of Industry at Kellwood- apparel giant and parent of VINCE, XOXO and David Meister to name just a few brands…. (more about this great opportunity upon another entry).

Staircase at the W

Pool view of the Drais rooftop club

I found my sentiments on Wednesday afternoon quit relaxed and in perfect parallel to the serene west coast vibe it’s so well-known for. And I had good reason for such …#1 I was delighted with the interview and meeting the possible superiors I that morning at Kellwood, #2 I was proud of my acclamation to LA traffic and  the wheel of weighty steel Volvo that I am borrowing.

Around 5:30, I met Erin in her Hollywood apartment she shares with her boyfriend. We talked, caught up and decided to succeed our plans to hike, with an agenda to drink cocktails at the W hotel on Hollywood Blvd.  It was a delight to walk to the locale after driving around all day.

Interior of the Starwood W hotel on Hollywood Boulevard

The place is quite regal with its red carpet and winding stair cases.  We parked our camp in the ground floor lanai and within 10 minutes we attracted the conversation and what was to be  short-lived gentlemanly behavior of  Christopher Smith of IMC management.  After a few Bellinis and a few thousand champagne bubbles, he escorted us to the upper level, Drais Club.

Somehow, additional champagne bubbles snuck their way in our party and took the place of Chris’ manners as he got tipsy. He started to equate my short hair cut to me being uptight.  Judgement set in and he directed his efforts to get me , as he put it, to loosen up and “try to get laid”. Somehow – no matter how many times I told him that I  was not interested in an encounter  for the night, the more he thought I was a pity case.  He is so used to long locks on the 23 year olds he dates, that it was as if he had never seen a short-haired girl . Chris proceeded to “fix” me for a suitor in the room. . If he only knew me…. I uncharacteristically kept my mouth shut and continued to let him style my, what he called, “swim cap of a hair do” with his 50-year-old paws and let his two month old lips peck my cheek. My saving grace was sharing an oscillating eye roll with the barista who had to tell Chris twice that she just didn’t keep hair mousse at the bar.

Fate stepped in and saved me from Chris- a friend of his girlfriend was at the back bar. Chris went to the bathroom and was never seen again. Whew.

The rest of the evening was spent gawking at the pool, the skyline and Paris and Nikki Hilton who entered the club to snuggle with their boyfriends by the many firepits at the place. I look forward to telling my Dad this sighting. He is such a TMZ junky.

We figured we had enough Hollywood for the night so we opted for home.

Erin and I shared a cab home and laughed and laughed about our Bellini Blow out.

View Hollywood from the Drais rooftop club.

My Friend and partner in crime Erin Coovert


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