The Filigreeture Dragon is 6 in. tall and is 4 in. wide & is 15 in. long.

I am an etsy lover and often scan the 10,000 user site for inspiration, shopping needs and hot topic.

Today I stumbled upon the most amazing sculptures that belong in a magical forest!

The Filigree are a design due that create hybrid animals and characters alla Where the Wild Things Are. Currently based in Nashville, Martin Obakke & Celena Cavala met each other in Florence, Italy in 1999 while Martin was studying painting + Art and Celena was a Ballet dancer. They then started to build their fantasy world populated with 8″ figures, whose flesh is made of  silk, polymer and copper—and circulate their own newspaper reporting on Filigreeture traditions and holidays!

Subscribe and chase the Filigree’s latest news and fairy tales!!!


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