Don’t Be a Mother F***er, Be a Mother Lover and consider her Earth

I do agree with the idea and –well fact that humans are destroying our environment – however in this post I just want to reiterate that the Earth will be juuuussttt fine with out us.

The thought that humans are smart or powerful enough to be able to destroy this mighty universe is evidence alone of our  pompous misconception of our time being rented on this planet.

The first plants found at Chernobyl were ample, green, leaf-bearing yet produced rashes on human skin when exposed.

Soy for example can mutate and grow in soil that has been exposed to an atomic bomb.  Soy is one of the most nutritional foods on earth, not to mention whose yield of biofuel  is  higher than that of corn.  In fact –  the soy plants studied at Chernobyl had increased protein levels during cell development due to the  high levels of  metals and acids in the soil. However the result, although from a fertile solid, is an inedible form to humans.

My point is that our elements on this earth, the distance from the sun and the amount of water – whether frozen or vapor or mixing with oil does guarantee one thing here: Evolution of Life.

Earth has the power to change, change on us, adapt and – overtake us.  I prefer to look at it this way and I prefer to play by Mother’s rules.


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