This is my first of, hopefully,  many blog entries that will disclose fun and knowledgeable facts regarding my personal interests…
Athletics, Geography, Popular Culture, Music, My Line of Jewelry, Perversions, Fashion, Oddities, Jokes, Beauty, Ideas, Obsolete Inventions, Art and whatever strikes my mood.

The title of my blog: NeverIsSacred- is a nod to the democratization of information and that online privacy is scarcely sacred. Images, music, art, magazine covers , news, gossip,  and movie releases, personal exploitations are shared, however more often outside of the context of their originator. This of course is a concept locked in the embrace of this blog…however in the context of the name…I chose NeverIsSacred.

NeverIsSacred of course is a play on the phrase ‘Nothing Is Sacred’- which I tried to explain to my best friend- is a different direction of philosophy as saying that there isn’t anything or Nothing sacred. It says that indeed – there is something – conceptually sacred and impervious. maybe gives us hope?…however the idea that Never – an untangeable, uncertain and questionable place in time…even exists can also mean that it will always and forever be in our sights. Therefore maybe I uphold the idea that we as member and creators of this age- that we will always be challenged of what we don’t know and therefore leaves something sacred.


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